You might well look at the building which dominates Girt beach on a pleasant summer’s morning and wonder, as you sip your coffee, what such a building was built for and why in such an exposed position. There was a building on this spot in the early 1800s and it became a public building in the early 1900s.

It is now a centre for cultural and social activities and since it also represents the sea defence for part of the village, its importance is more than simply as a building. For details of events held here please go to the website.

After the storms of 2014, with both central and local government assistance and a substantial input from the insurance company a strengthened sea wall has ensured the future safety of the building.

New balconies are now in place with refurbishment and redecoration allowing the building to reopen for use as a meeting place in the centre of the village.

A new lift has now been installed allowing disabled access to the first floor. Very soon the snooker table will be back and the members of this successful club will return.

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